Stanislav N.
@Hubzilla Support Forum+ Hey there. I have a question about #OStatus. I was able to mention me from GNU social ( but haven't received anything on Hubzilla. Does Hubzilla able to federate with OStatus networks (mainly GNU social)?

Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Your link does not work.

In any case, do you have the plug-in enabled and are you connected to the channel? Mentions and distribution are different things.
Yes more or less. you have to activate the plugin first.
PubSubHubBub - 1.0
GNU-Social Protocol - 1.0

it works a little
giac hellvecio
does not work in a simple way, as occurs with the federation (diaspora-hubzilla-friendica) that using the diaspora protocol  to communicate, but it works in a more complicated hack, and certainly more difficult compared to the federation .
Stanislav N.
Если вы не используете Yandex + Sylpheed - вы ничего не знаете о боли. Последний отказывается удалять письма из первого - ошибка. Просто ошибка. Никакого вменяемого текста :).
Stanislav N.
Насоздавал всяких RSSсок. Чтобы увидеть список оных - идем сюда (директория пользунов) и добавляем в список контактов нужные :).

Скоро подготовлю годную инструкцию как это делать самому.

@Feder8 Hub News
Stanislav N.
Just realised that chatroom functionality in #hubzilla isn't usable ATM.
The Princess
Giac o velho, I think because it's hard to realize that there's new messages in a chat, and if you haven't add chat to bookmarks you could completely lost it. Also if you send message it takes time when it appears in messages and input field will be flushed, during this delay you could think that you press button not hard enough and press it again and again, and few seconds later you see few copies of same message. I think it would be good if we have:

1. Obvious configurable notifications about new messages in chatrooms you visited;
2. UI fixes for sending messages, message to send should appears in chat immediately but for example could be marked with 'sending...' status;
3. Some section where you could see every chatroom you visited, or at least last 10 or 20 or something like that, sorted by last visit date.
Giac o velho
 from Diaspora
just tested again, works very well for me, maybe is your hub... (not delay channelhub1 channelhub2)

good thing in hubzilla is that if you have a clone you can test how your channel work in the other hub ( the hub with your clone), often I saw that I had a problem in a hub but not in the other, so you understand that is your hub having problem.

The chat is not a priority for the devs of hubzilla in this period/time.

It is also easy even for a beginner to build an app and place it inside the app-page , for example an app that takes you to your favorite server chat/video-chat , I personally have built an app that brings me to a room in
Stanislav N.
Тихо и мирно #hubzilla зафейлила постинг в твиттор. Ъ!
Stanislav N.
Testing #hubzilla #gnusocial connector. One, two?
Jason Robinson
 from Diaspora
Cross-posting is one way, so replies wouldn't work. The reason I was asking was that I wasn't sure whether Hubzilla federates with OStatus networks, apparently not?
Hubzilla does federate with ostatus networks  the hub just has to be setup to do so .. (has to be in standard mode and have the protocol enabled).. cross posting is enabled via app passwords etc.
Stanislav N.
О, хабзилла разупоролась и сделала коннекторы для #gnusocial и #twitter. И позволила выбирать, куда могут уходить посты. Спустя год или полтора после моего реквеста :).
Stanislav N.
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